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  • Creating a body for non-profit organizations (hereinafter referred to as bilateral chambers of commerce) in the European region to enhance and facilitate trade between them;
  • Improving the quality of the commercial activities of its member associations and ensure that these standards are consistent with the European Union;
  • Empowering European chambers of commerce and industry as important and respected promoters of EU economic issues;
  • Support the development and participation of the european chambers of commerce in important projects for the business community;
  • Adapting the economic policies of Chambers of Commerce, to the european parameters;
  • Creating an interface between the business communities in these countries and  the Federation;
  • Creation, implementation and improvement of standards in the economy, including a Code of Ethics on the operation of NGOs in the European sector;
  • Recommendation of viable and reliable partners to the European Governments and other bodies of local government, upon request;
  • Publication and distribution of their publications;
  • Achieving a sustained lobbying, including by making calls, programs, proposals, character point about economic issues to help European businesses in relation to the relevant national authorities, international bodies and institutions, under the law;
  • Organisation of symposiums, conferences, meetings, with domestic and international participation;
  • Advising individuals, businesses and the state authorities to develop and implement specific business legislation;
  • Creating the necessary framework for the expression of ideas and experience between NGOs;
  • Collaboration with other federations, foundations, associations, public and private institutions in Romania and abroad for conducting joint activities within the scope of the Federation.
  • Encouraging and promoting cooperation both between the business communities in European countries and those of third countries;
  • Supporting and encouraging measures for the transition and structural changes in European economies, a factor for helping to integrate into the EU;
  • Initiating and supporting projects of global interest for the European region;
  • Promoting cooperation among economic courts of member states.


European Council - Council of the European Union
European Parliament
European Commision